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Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Supplies

Bring out the grill, set up the canopy, today is the big game! Make sure your gear is ready for the off season with a seasonal storage unit. AR&C Self Storage knows some people are braving the cold to root for their team and others are seasonal tailgaters. Whichever you choose, our tips will make every tailgating cookout a success.

Hamilton NJ seasonal storage

Cooler Care

The food is always delicious, whether it is the excitement of the day or how the food is prepare but a burger outside the stadium has never been so good. If you are one that provides all the amenities for your tailgating guests, remember the clean up is just as important. Rodents love the leftovers, so before closing your cooler and putting the grill away till next time, scrub it down. Leave no grease untouched and your grill will be ready to cook more of those delicious burgers.

Times to keep in mind

Not only do you need to keep in mind the gate hours of the stadium but your storage facility has specific hours you should know as well. If you forgot your lucky hat or need the extra cooler, make sure you plan your visit for when the gate is open. Knowing your gate hours will help you stay on schedule for the most important time of day, kick off.

Organizing is key

Just like the defensive and offensive coordinators keep the team in order, you are the coordinator of your storage unit. A large plastic bin is great for storing your serving trays and small utensils. Labeling will help you find the right tools for the occasion.

Sing the chant, paint your face, and get excited for this seasons tailgating parties. At AR&C Self Storage your supplies are secure in the off season. Our seasonal storage is nice when the sports equipment needs its own space.

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